University of Sydney - Great Hall

Von Beckareth 1972 M 3 / 53


Enquiries: Amy Johansen 02 4758 6067 (University of Sydney Organist)



Sundays at 3.30pm - Free Admission after the 2pm Carillon recital

23 March
26 May
15 June
10 Aug
21 Sept
26 Oct
30 Nov
Amy Johansen (all Bach program)
Dr Harold Fabrikant - Melbourne
(neglected piano & organ works of famous organ composers)
Amy Johansen (Cocker, Gigout, Rheinberger, Boëly, Ampt)
David Rumsey (Bruhns, Rumsey, Ernst-Bach, Franck)
Amy Johansen (Bells and Whistles)
Knud Vad (Denmark)
(Commotio - Nielsen, T & F - Buxtehude, Trio Son 6 - Bach)
Amy Johansen
(Music for Advent and Christmas)


Mondays at 1.10pm - Free Admission

8 Sept
20 Oct
3 Nov
24 Nov
1 Dec
Amy Johansen (Music of our Time)
Amy Johansen with Gregory van der Struik (Trombone)
Sarah Kim (Sydney University Organ Scholar)
Mark Bensted
(Ad nos - Liszt)
Amy Johansen (Music for Christmas)



Sundays at 3.30pm - Free Admission with free refreshments at 3pm after the 2pm Carillon recital

10 March
28 April
26 May
18 August
08 Sept
13 Oct
17 Nov
08 Dec
Amy Johansen (all Vierne program)
Christopher Wrench (Brisbane)
David Briggs (Gloucester Cathedral, UK)
Amy Johansen
Amy Johansen and Jacques Mauger (Paris) - trombone
Amy Johansen
John O'Donnell (Melbourne)
Amy Johansen (Organ), Celeste Lazarenko (Soprano) and Vanessa Souter (Harp)


Mondays at 1.10pm - Free Admission

11 March
22 April
13 May
17 June
29 July
09 Sept
28 Oct
11 Nov
Robert Wagner
Amy Johansen
Amy Johansen
Ji-hyoun Lee (Organ Scholar, Christchurch Cathedral, Newcastle
Christopher Hainsworth (Waikato University, NZ)
Brendon Lukin
Alistair Nelson
Amy Johansen



Sundays at 3.30pm

01 April
29 April
27 May
09 September
14 October
04 November
16 December
Robert Ampt
Amy Johansen
Philip Swanton
Amy Johansen
John Wells (Auckland, NZ)
Amy Johansen
Amy Johansen and the Sydney Brass Ensemble


Mondays at 1.10pm (throughout University terms)

19 March
9 April
14 May
10 September
24 September
22 October
29 October
Amy Johansen
Mark Quarmby
Amy Johansen
Alistair Nelson
Amy Johansen
Tamara Rozek
Amy Johansen and Jane Bolinowsky (Flute)


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