Tyburn Convent
325 Garfield Road East, Riverstone

1864 J.W. Walker, London (1/4 mechanical)

Built in 1864 by J.W. Walker, (job no.747) the organ was originally at St Mary's the Virgin Anglican Church, Waverley. It was then moved in c. 1890 to St Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Lavender Bay. It was restored by Arthur Jones in the 1960s and moved to the Tyburn Convent in 1988 by Peter Jewkes. (After moving to Manly near Sydney's North Head in 1962, the Priory moved in 1986 to Riverstone in the Parramatta Diocese, near the Blue Mountains.)

According to organist Norbert Kelvin, the organ was donated by the St Francis Xavier church to the Tyburn nuns. The photos at the bottom of this page show the organ at the Lavender Bay church. It originally was placed in a western gallery (now demolished) and them moved to a south transept (where the photos show it).

The specifiication is:

Double Diapason
Double Diapason
Open Diapason
Octave [coupler]


bottom octave only
rest of compass

Pedal Pulldowns
Lever swell
two composition pedals

Compass 54/25 (extra octave for coupler)

Information supplied by Pastor de Lasala (March 2006)

Photos above: Peter Jewkes (August 2008)

Two photos above taken at Lavender Bay
© PdL 2006