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Sydney Suburban Organs


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Maitland Wollongong
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Tasmania Northern Terr.

BRIGIDINE CONVENT, Coogee Bay Road. Chapel
B. 1920s Balbiani Vegeezi Bossi, Milan, Italy
Reb. 1965 S.T. Noad & Son 2m., 7, 10c. Man I: 8.8.8. Man II: 8.8.4. Ped: 16.
Moved 1986 to St Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Bowenfels (near Lithgow)
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church,
Avoca Street
Unknown builder, (2/11 mechanical)
Organ removed by Mark Fisher (Feb 25-26, 2008)
Randwick Presbyterian Church, cnr Alison and Belmore Roads
W.G. Rendall c.1902, rebuilt A.Welby 1975 (2/23 electro-pneumatic)
St Judes's Anglican Church, 106 Avoca Street
Hill, Norman & Beard (Aust) 1965 using some 1866 Walker pipes (2/27 electro-pneumatic)
Living Water Community Church (former Catholic Apostolic Church), Elizabeth Street
2 manuals, 8 speaking stops, mechanical action
Congregational Church, Cleveland Street
B. 1883 Forster & Andrews, Hull. Church and organ destroyed by fire 1961.
2m., 14 sp. st., 3c., tr. Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.8.
B. unknown (J. Massey c.1909?) 2m., 9, 4c., tr. &
Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.
Organ removed (details unknown).
St Paul's Anglican Church, (now Greek Orthodox) Cleveland Street
see: Liverpool St Luke's Anglican Church
St Paul's Anglican Church Hall, (now Greek Orthodox) Cleveland Street
B. unknown. Inst. in St Alban's Anglican Church, Canterbury Road, Belmore
1942 T. Edwards from hall of St Paul's Church, Redfern
1m., 4, 1c., tr. Man: 16.8 divided.8 divided.4 divided.
St Saviour's Anglican Church, 119 Young Street

FIRST ORGAN: J.W. Walker, London, 1857,
for the Royal Victoria Theatre, Pitt Street, Sydney (Job no 582)
1 manual, 13 speaking stops, 1 coupler, mechanical action
Installed 1858 in the School of Arts, Pitt Street, Sydney
Installed 1867 St Peter's Anglican Church, East Sydney
Removed 1880 to Sunday School Hall at St Peter's Church, East Sydney
Purchased 1886 and installed in this location
Removed c.1911

SECOND ORGAN: W.E. Richardson & Sons, Manchester
Installed 1911 Charles Richardson, Sydney
3 manuals, 24 speaking stops, 8 couplers, tubular-pneumatic action
Removed and broken up 1979

St Peter's Anglican Church, Windsor Street
Built 1904 George Fincham & Sons (Melbourne)
Restored 1990 Peter D.G. Jewkes Pty Ltd
2 manuals, 11 speaking stops, mechanical action
Tyburn Convent, 325 Garfield Road East
1864 J.W. Walker, London (1/4 mechanical)
(formerly in St Xavier's Catholic Church, Lavender Bay)
Moved to present location by Peter Jewkes 1988.
St Ignatius' College Chapel, Riverview Street, Riverview
Charles Richardson 1911, rebuilt Arthur Jones 1976 (2/18 electro-pneumatic)
B. 1960 Ronald Sharp 1m., 5, tr. Man: Ped: 16 (electronic).

First organ, B. 1923 C.W. Leggo
Present organ, B. 1967 J.P. Eagles incorporating pipework from first organ
2m., 24, 5c., el.mag.
Gt: Sw: Ped:
Photo of church

Organ broken up 2018 and parts incorporated in house organ for Sir Trevor Garland

B. W.G. Rendall. Inst. 1899 Trinity Congregational Church, Strathfield
Inst. 1910 present location. Reb. 1944, 1960 & enl. 1966 S.T. Noad & Son
2m., 15, 8c., Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.8.
Uniting (Methodist) Church, Bay Street
B. c.1900 George A. Smith, Res. Pitchford & Garside 1981
2m., 9, 4c., tr. & Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.
Rooty Hill
Our Lady of Consolation Home Chapel, Evans Road
B. 1961 Ronald Sharp.
Rem. 1971 to St Hilda's College Chapel, University of Melbourne, Parkville
1m., 5sp. st., no pedals, tr. Manual:
Rose Bay
Chapel of Kincoppal-Rose Bay School of the Sacred Heart,
New South Head Road
Théodore Puget, Père et Fils of Toulouse, 1890, installed 1906 (2/13 mechanical)
Residence of Mr Crowle
see: Wentworthville Residence of Kevin Clancy
St Andrew's Scots Church, cnr Dover Road and Carlisle Street
Hill & Son 1884 (2/18 mechanical) Job. no. 1890
St Mary Magdalene Catholic Church, New South Head Road
B. 1939 E.F. Walcker & Cie., Ludwigsburg, Germany (opus 2637) 3m., 4 rks. ext.,
St Paul's Anglican Church, cnr. Old South Head Road & Newcastle Street
B. c.1865 John Kinloch. Inst. 1887 Roseby Memorial Congregational Church. Marrickville
from St Andrew's Scots Church, Kent Street, Sydney. Res. & inst. 1971 Rose Bay by Pitchford & Garside.
Later rem. & inst. St Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney and then St Mark's Anglican Church, Figtree (Hunters Hill)
Roseville Uniting Church (formerly Methodist), Lord Street
British Pianoforte Co. 1917, rebuilt S.T. Noad & Son 1961,
Peter D.G. Jewkes 1981 and 2000 (2/16 electro-pneumatic)
St Andrew's Anglican Church, cnr. Hill street & Bancroft Avenue
B. Gray & Davison, year unknown for St Cross Church, Oxford
Reb. Hill & Son 1876 and sold to Baptist Church, Wharf Street, Brisbane
Moved to Baptist City Tabernacle, Brisbane then bought by St Andrew's, Roseville 1914.
(Rushworth Supplement)
Reb. 1953 S.T. Noad & Son
Reb. 1976 A. Jones 2m., 21, 6c.,
Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.8.4.II.16.8.4.
Upgraded 2015
St Luke's Presbyterian Church, Lord Street.
B. 1952 S.T. Noad & Son. Reb. & enl. for new church building 1966 S.T. Noad & Son
2m., 16, 8c., Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.16.
East Roseville
St Barnabas' Anglican Church, cnr. William & Macquarie Streets
Whitehouse Bros, Brisbane, 1931
2 manuals, 7 speaking stops, tubular-pneumatic action
Rebuilt and enlarged 1962 H. Goris (of B. Pels & Zoon, Alkmaar, Holland)
2 manuals, 16 speaking stops, 8 couplers, tubular-pneumatic action
Electrified with changes 1976 Pitchford & Garside, Sydney
2 manuals, 17 speaking stops, 8 couplers, electro-pneumatic action
Residence of Clive Gunning, Birchgrove Road
B. 1970's C. Gunning incorporating parts from Charles Richardson organ
St Enoch's Presbyterian Church, Newtown;
manuals from W.E. Richardson & Sons organ St Paul's Anglican Church, Redfern,
2m., 9 sp. st., 2c., tr. & tub. pn. pedal action.
Gt: 8.4.2.III.8. Sw: 8.8.1-1/3. Ped: 16.
Moved to Lithgow before being broken up
St Joseph's Catholic Church, Gordon Street
B. British Pianoforte Co. Reb. 1974 A. Jones 2m., 15 sp. st., 5c.,
Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.8.4.
St Paul's Presbyterian Church, Darling Street
B. c. 1904-05 British Pianoforte Co.
2m., 8 sp. st., 3c., tr, & tub. pn.
Gt: 8.8.4. Sw: Ped: 16.

B. 1910 George A. Smith, 2m., 7 sp. st. (Rushworth Supplement)

Tonal alterations 1974 A. Jones.
2m., 7 sp. st.., 3c., tr. & tub. pn.
Gt: 8.4.2. Pos: 8.8.4. Ped: 16.
Rem. late 1970's; sold to Clive Gunning, Rozelle

Façade pipes installed in the Church of the Good Shepherd (Lutheran), Chisholm, Canberra
c. 1992 Trevor Bunning [TB]
St Thomas' Anglican Church, cnr Darling Street & Victoria Road
Henry Jones 1884 (2/12 mechanical)
St Anne's Anglican Church, Church St
William Davidson c.1890, partially restored 1973 Ian Brown,
resited in west gallery J W Walker & Sons (Australia) Pty Ltd with further restoration 1984/1985
(2/16 mechanical)
West Ryde
B. 1958 J.P. Eagles 2m., 4 rks.el. mag.
B. 1928 Hill, Norman & Beard ("Christie'' o/n 84) for Kings Theatre, Gordon
Later inst. present location. 2m., 8 rks. ext.,
Organ removed (details unknown)
Organ has been acquired by the Theatre Organ Society of Australia (NSW)
with plans to reinstall the instrument back into the church



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Sydney suburbs are arranged in alphabetical order - please click on the blue letter of the suburb below
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Click below for other organs in New South Wales
Maitland Wollongong
Click below for other Australian organs listed by State
Tasmania Northern Terr.