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Sydney Suburban Organs


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Maitland Wollongong
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Tasmania Northern Terr.

St John's Anglican Church, Menangle Road
T.P. Bates (London)1861 (1/10 mechanical)
Uniting Church (formerly Methodist), cnr Mitchell and John Streets
Harrison & Harrison 1888, rebuilt C.W. Leggo 1932, Arthur Jones 1966
S.T.Noad, P.D.G. Jewkes 1987 (2/11 mechanical and tubular-pneumatic)
Camden Park

Residence of Dr Brett McKern
Built 1989 Rodgers Organ Company
Rebuilt 2014 various
3m, 15, 7c, 5 rks ext, el.mag.
Sw: Ch: 8.4.2.glockenspiel
No independent Ped stops
Relocated to Bowral 2020 from Camden Park

All Saints' Anglican Church, Carter Street
B. 1923 T.C. Edwards. Inst. 1965 D.R. Huggins from St Chad's Anglican Church, Cremorne.
Subsequently broken up.
2m., 9 sp. st., 5c., tub. pn.
Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.

St Peter's Anglican Church, cnr Cordeaux & Howe Streets
First organ: B. Nicholson & Lord, Walsall, England. Present location and details unknown
Second organ: B. 1926 J. Hoyrod & T.C. Edwards. Reb. 1962 S.T.Noad & Son. Rem. c.1980
2m., 13 sp. st., 4c., tr. Gt: Sw: 8.8.8. Ped: 16.8.8.
Present organ: J.W. Walker & Sons 1981 (2/12 mechanical)

University of Sydney College Chapel Organs
St Andrew's College (Presbyterian), University of Sydney
Carillon Ave, Newtown
E.F.Walcker & Cie 1958 (1/6 mechanical)
St Paul's College (Anglican), University of Sydney
City Road
D.A. Flentrop 1971-72 (2/15 mechanical)
St John's College (Catholic), University of Sydney
Missenden Road
Built 1974 George Fincham & Sons for St Peter's Anglican Church,
Eastern Hill, Melbourne (Michael Wentzell memorial organ).

Inst. present location 2008.
1 manual, 5 speaking stops, no pedals, tracker action.
Wesley College (Methodist, now Uniting), University of Sydney
Western Ave
Geo. Fincham & Sons 1954 (2/6 extension, electro-pneumatic)

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Missenden Road
B. 1865 E.F. Walcker & Cie, Ludwigsburg, Germany.
Rem. and inst. 1950's St Thomas' Anglican Church, Provincial Street, Auburn.
2m, 8 sp. st., 2c., tr.
Gt (upper manual): Sw (lower manual): 8.[4].(free reeds) Ped: 16.
Present loc. unknown.
Photo: RPAH Audio-Visual Dept.
Orion Function Centre, 155 Beamish Street
WurliTzer 3/17, 1927 Theatre Organ
St John-the-Evangelist Anglican Church, Anglo Road
B. 1931 C.W. Leggo Res. 1972 Ian D. Brown
2m., 11 sp. st., 7c., tub. pn.. Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.
St Paul's Anglican Church, 17 Church Street
Built 1905 by Frederick Taylor for Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Tabor using earlier parts 
Installed present location c.1938 Hill, Norman & Beard
Restored 1976 Pitchford & Garside
Renovated and moved 2022 Pitchford Organ Builders
2 manuals, 7 speaking stops, 2 couplers, mechanical action
St Philip's Anglican Church, 402 Port Hacking Road
Originally 1959 James P Eagles 5 rank unit organ ex St Paul's Cooma.
Sometime residence organ for Ian Griggs
Rebuilt and enlarged 2001-2002 Stanley & Richards and installed in Caringbah Anglican.
Enlarged with Annessens/Welby ranks ex St Patrick's Church Hill, and combined with digital ranks.
2 manuals, 37 Stops, 5 Couplers, Direct Electric Action
5 combination pistons to Great
5 combination pistons to Swell
8 general pistons
Swell to Great reverser piston (thumb) Set Piston
General cancel
Compass 61/30
Residence of J.R. Watson, Lynette Avenue.
B. 1970-73 J.R. Watson.
2m., 6 sp, st., 2c., tr. Gt: 8.4. Pos: 8.4.2. Ped: 16 (electronic)
Carlton South
St Cuthbert's Anglican Church, cnr. Park Road & Colvin Avenue
B.1961 J.W. Walker & Sons, Ruislip, Middlesex
2m., 3 rks. + mixture ext., el.mag.
Organ sold and relocated March 2017 by Ian Brown & Associates
to St Paul's Anglican Church, Manuka, ACT
Castle Hill
Castle Hill Baptist Church, 13 Showground Road
Built by Nicholson & Lord, Walsall, 1888 for Glebe Presbyterian Church 
Moved to present location and rebuilt Arthur Jones 1973
Restored 2014-15 Peter Johnston and others
2 manuals, 18 speaking stops, 3 couplers, mechanical and electric actions
Residence of B.A. Coxhead, Cynthia Avenue
B. 1971-73 B.A. Coxhead, 2m., 6 rks., el. mag.
St Paul's Anglican Church, Old Northern Road.
B. 1883 J.W. Walker & Sons, London (job no. 1173)
1m., 5 sp. st., pedal pulldowns, tr.
Man: 16.8.8. divided. 8.4.
Organ replaced in 1984 by an electronic when new church was constructed.
Sydney Powerhouse Museum Discovery Centre
Some of the instruments from the Sydney Powerhouse Museum at Ultimo
are now being displayed at the Castle Hill Powerhouse Museum Discovery Centre.
Residence of Miss Dunmore Lang
see: Liverpool. St Paul's Presbyterian Church
Arcadia Theatre
see: Willoughby Civic Centre, Victoria Avenue, Chatswood
BAPTIST CHURCH, cnr. Albert Avenue & Orchard Road
B. c.1970 Graeme Rawson 3m., 9 rks. ext.: 3c., el.mag.
Church of Christ, 365 Victoria Ave
Whitehouse Bros, Brisbane, 1950
2 manuals, 11 speaking stops, tubular-pneumatic action
Tonal modifications 1965 and 1976 [Pitchford & Garside, Sydney?]
Rebuilt, enlarged and installed in new building 1983 Pitchford & Garside, Sydney
2 manuals, 19 speaking stops, electro-pneumatic action
Our Lady of Dolour Catholic Church, Archer Street
B. c. 1958 Arthur Lord incorporating pipework from organ previously in St Peter's Catholic Church, Surry Hills
built c. 1810 Flight & Robson, London. Subsequently broken up; case only remains in church.
2m., 5 rks, ext., el. mag.
Second Church of Christ Scientist, Victor Street.
Whitehouse Bros. Brisbane 1941-2 (2/17 electric)
see: Wesley Mission, Sydney.
St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, 37 Anderson St
Whitehouse Bros, Brisbane, 1930
2 manuals, 10 speaking stops, tubular-pneumatic action
Additions 1933 S.T. Noad, Sydney
Tonal changes 1974 Ian D. Brown, Sydney
2 manuals, 12 speaking stops, tubular-pneumatic action
Sold 2019 to Sir Trevor Garland

St Barnabas' Anglican Church, cnr. William & Macquarie Streets
see: St Barnabas' Anglican Church, cnr. William & Macquarie Streets, East Roseville

St Paul's Anglican Church, cnr. Fuller's Road & View Street
First organ: see Gunning. St Edmund's Anglican Church
Second organ: B. unknown [c. 1880]. Reb. Matthews & Co. Rem. c. 1975
3m., 18 sp. st., 4c., tr. Gt: Sw: Ch: Ped: 16.
Uniting Church (formerly Congregational), cnr Anderson and Daisy Streets
First organ: Builder unknown, opened 1911, 2 mans.
Second organ: J.W.Walker 1865, rebuilt Joseph Massey 1928 from St Andrew's Temporary Cathedral
(2/11 mechanical and tubular-pneumatic)

Uniting (formerly Methodist) Church
Cnr Pacific Highway and Help Street, Chatswood

See: Darlinghurst: SCEGGS, Great Hall Organ

Willoughby Civic Centre, Victoria Avenue
B. c.1925 Wurlitzer Co., Tonawanda, N.Y.
Reb. & inst. 1971 S.T. Noad & Son from the Arcadia Theatre, Chatswood
2m., 10 rks. ext., el. pn.
Awaiting rebuilding in the new Concourse Concert Hall, Chatswood
Chatswood East
Baptist Church, Macquarie Street
B. 1958 J.P. Eagles (incorporating 4 ranks of pipework from first organ in Baptist Church, Canberra)
Rem. and inst. Baptist Church, Wellington Road, East Lindfield 1969 J.P. Eagles
from Baptist Church, Chatswood East

East Lindfield's present organ, B. 1894 George Fincham for
Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Stawell, Victoria
Reb. & inst. Baptist Church, St Ives 1969 S.I. Sakacs, Melbourne
Reb. & inst. present location 1972 A. Welby incorporating further pipework
from previous Eagles organ 2m., 35, 3c., el.mag.
Gt: Sw: 8.8.8

Chatswood South
Uniting (Methodist) Church, cnr Pacific Highway & Mowbray Road
First organ: bought second hand 1930. Builder unknown.
Possibly from home of Gilbert Baker, Wahroonga (2m, 6 sp. st.)
Organ was unsatisfactory and removed (Rushworth Supplement)
Second organ: B. 1935 Hill, Norman & Beard (o/n N38)
2m., 5 rks. ext., 3c., el. pn.
Chester Hill
St John Mark Anglican Church, Proctor Parade
Conacher c. 1896 (2/11 mechanical and pneumatic)
St Alban's Liberal Catholic Cathedral (building formerly Wesley Church), Regent Street
B. 1879 Henry Jones & Son, South Kensington, London
Rebuilt and enlarged c. 1935 S.T. Noad. 
Organ destroyed by fire 1970
3 manuals, 25 speaking stops, 13 couplers, electro-pneumatic
Gt: Sw:
Ch: Ped:
Wesley Church, Regent Street
see: St Alban's Liberal Catholic Church above.
Macarthur Anglican School
Organ from St Barnabas' Anglican Church, Mill Hill Road, Waverley
B. Positive Organ Co., London Res. A. Jones
1m., 3 ranks, no pedals, tub. pn.
Man: 16 melodic.8.8 divided.8.8 melodic.4 divided.
Church closed 1998. Organ given to Macarthur Anglican School, Cobbitty
res. John W Parker 2007.
St Paul's Anglican Church, Cobbitty Road
William Davidson 1876 (1/8 mechanical)
Pittwater House School, 61 Westmoreland Avenue
TC Lewis 1886, GC Griffin 1927, PDG Jewkes 1989 (3/27 electro-pneumatic)
(Formerly in Newcastle Central Methodist Mission)
Ritz Theatre
B. 1930 Hill, Norman & Beard ("Christie") (o/n 101) .
Moved to Melba Theatre, Strathfield 1935 Hill, Norman & Beard (o/n N45).
Later sold to Christian Broadcasting Association Studios and subsequently broken up.
2m., 6 rks, ext. el. pn.
Seventh Day Adventist Church, Patterson Street
B. from various parts: pipework from 1928 Hill, Norman & Beard ("Christie") organ
ex Empire Theatre, Dunedin, NZ (o/n 9);
console by Wurlitzer Co., Tonawanda, N.Y. [ex Strand Theatre, Hobart?].
Sold 1974 to Theatre Organ Society of Australia ACT Division and subsequently to Queensland.
2m., 3 rks. ext., el. pn.
St Luke's Anglican Church, 17 Burton Street
Hill & Son 1883, restored Mark Fisher 1987 (2/15 mechanical)
Sydney Cheil Uniting (formerly Wesley) Church cnr. Concord Road & Sydney Street
B. c.1915 Aeolian Co., New York. Reb. & inst. 1935 S.T. Noad from residence
of Mr Westbrook, Vaucluse
2m., 22, 7c., Gt: Sw (duplexed): Ped: 16.16.
Concord North
St Mary's Anglican Church, Brays Road
Built 1961 E.F. Walcker & Cie., Ludwigsburg, Germany
1 manual, 6 speaking stops, 1 coupler, mechanical action
Man: Ped: 16.

Organ advertised for sale March 2016

Concord West
B.1930 W.L. Roberts. 2m., 12, 9c.,
Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.8.
St Brigid's Catholic Church, Brook Street
B. 1929 J.E. Dodd, Adelaide
2m., 12 sp. st., 7c., tub. pn.
Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.8
Removed John Larner, mid 1990s. In storage Yarloop, WA, condition unknown.
St Nicolas's Anglican Church, cnr Brook and Carr Streets
George Fincham 1885 (2/15 mechanical)
Cooks River (also listed as St Peters)
St. Peter's Anglican Church, 187 Princes Highway, St Peters (Cooks River)
Brindley & Foster 1880 (2/12 mechanical)
Hayden Orpheum Theatre, Military Road
WurliTzer 3/13, 1925 Theatre Organ
St Chad's Anglican Church, Cremorne Road
B. 1923 T.C. Edwards.
Rem. and inst. All Saints' Anglican Church, Carter Street, Cammeray 1965 D.R. Huggins
Subsequently broken up
2m., 9 sp. st., 5c., tub. pn. Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.

St Peter's Anglican Church, cnr Belgrave and Winnie Streets
Tony Welby 1981 from varous parts (Hill, Palmer, Richardson), 3/37 electro-pneumatic)

Crows Nest
Baptist Church, cnr. Willoughby Road & Ernest Street
see: Sydney, Lutheran Church, Stanley Street
Bruce Maurer Funeral Parlour, Miller Street
B. 1957 S.T. Noad & Son. 2m., 5 rks., 3c., el. pn.
Shirley Road Uniting (Presbyterian) Church,
cnr Shirley Road and Nicholson Street, Crows Nest
Original builder unknown (2/16 mechanical)
B. 1912 W.E. Richardson & Sons, Manchester
Reb. 1970 A. Welby. 2m., 11, 3c.,
Man I: Man II: Ped: 16.8.4.
Former Mathison Congregational Church, Edwin Street
now St Christophorus German Catholic Church
Built 1903 Charles Richardson.
Rebuilt 1972 Michael O'Dea.
2 manuals, 12 speaking stops, 4 couplers, mechanical action
Gt: Sw: 8.8 divided.4.8. Ped: 16.
Organ has been removed (details unknown).
North Croydon Uniting (Methodist) Church, cnr. Bay & Byron Streets
B. 1950 S.T. Noad, 1m., 5, 2c., el. pn. Man: (prepared). Ped: 16.
Removed 1992, rebuilt/enlarged Ian D Bown & Assoc,
for St John's Anglican Church, Burleigh Heads, Queensland
Presbyterian Ladies' College School Hall, Meta Street
William Davidson 1901, restored Pogson 1986 (3/19 mechanical)
Residence of Edward Grantham, Irrara Street
B. 1897 Henry Jones & Son, South Kensington, London
Inst. 1979 E. Grantham from Burston Parish Church, Norfolk, England
3m., 16, 5c., tr.
St James' Anglican Church, Edwin Street
James Conacher & Sons, Huddersfield, 1893
2 manuals, 15 speaking stops, mechanical action
Croydon Park
Uniting (Methodist) Church, cnr. George's River Road & Brighton Avenue
B. 1950 S.T. Noad, Res. 1978 Brown & Arkley (new electrical components and tonal alterations)
2 manuals, 7 sparking stops, 5 couplers, electro-pneumatic action
Gt: 8.8.4. Sw: 8.4.8. Ped: 16.



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Sydney suburbs are arranged in alphabetical order - please click on the blue letter of the suburb below
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Maitland Wollongong
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Tasmania Northern Terr.