Orion Function Centre
155 Beamish St, Campsie

WurliTzer 3/17, 1927 Theatre Organ

Instrument History
On December 17, 1927, it was announced in the Sydney newspapers:

"Union Theatres Ltd. Have purchased an orchestral organ in America for installation in the new Capitol Theatre now being erected in Sydney. It was been constructed by WurliTzer and contains 173 orchestral and organ effects and cost $42,000."

The Capitol opened on Easter Saturday 1928. Part of the opening attraction was American organist Fred Scholl at the console of WurliTzer Opus 1813, a three manual, 15 rank Style 260. The 15 ranks consisted of Tuba Horn, Diaphonic Diapason, Clarinet, Viol d'Orchestre, Viol Celeste, Flute, Vox Humana, Brass Trumpet, Brass Saxophone, Tibia Clausa, Oboe Horn, Orchestral Oboe, Kinura, Solo String, and Quintadena.

Apparently, Scholl had a liking for Krumet pipes, so the Saxophone rank was exchanged for the Krument rank of the Adelaide Regent sometime during the organ's early days, although many of the stop tabs were never changed.

The organ continued to be used through the years until midway through 1957 when it was closed down.

TOSA members "adopted" the organ in 1963 and commenced getting it into playing condition again. Greater Union allowed organ concerts to be held early on Saturday mornings. This continued until the Capitol Theatre closed in 1972, when TOSA was given first option to purchase the organ.

TOSA purchased the instrument. It remained in storage for 16 years until the Orion Centre was found to be a suitable venue for its installation. TOSA members commenced restoration. John Parker was brought over from New Zealand to head the project. An English Post Horn and Solo String Celeste ranks were added.

The Orion opening concert was held on October 1, 1988. The Krumet has since found its way over to the Marrickville instrument and has been replaced by a Dennison Saxophone.



Tuba Horn
Diaphonic Diapason
Concert Flute
Viol d'Orchestre
Viol Celeste
Vox Humana


Tibia Clausa
Solo String
Solo String Celeste
English Post Horn
Brass Trumpet 8'
Saxophone 8'
Oboe Horn 8'
Orchestral Oboe 8'
Kinura 8'
Quintadena 8'
Marimba Harp
Cathedral Chimes
Sleigh Bells
Non-tonal Percussions,
Traps, and Effects



16' - 8'
16' - 4'
16' - 2'
8' - 2'
8' - 4'

16' - 2'
8' - 2'
8' - 4'

Photos and information compiled from the TOSA website.