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Details for many of Australia's organs can be found on the Index to Organs of Australia with links to the Organ Historical Trust of Australia and the Organ Music Society of Sydney websites.

The churches and halls listed below all have organ recitals from time to time. Some may only have one recital per year, others have one per month, while others have an occasional or weekly series. Fees paid in Australasia are mostly very low. Many of the recitals are free to the public and the organisers rely on audience donations to provide a small fee. Only a few venues offer a professional fee.

Sydney (New South Wales)

More organs in Sydney can be found here.

More organs in New South Wales can be found here.

Sydney Town Hall cnr George & Druitt Streets
Hill & Son 1886-9 (5/127 tubular-pneumatic/Barker lever)

Contact: Robert Ampt
City Organist
Phone: +61 (0)2 4758 6067
Great Hall, University of Sydney
von Beckerath 1972 (3/53 mechanical and electric)

Contact: Amy Johansen
University Organist
Phone: +61 (0)2 4758 6067
St Andrew's Anglican Cathedral,
cnr George & Bathurst Streets
Hill & Son 1866, Létourneau 1998
(4/53 mechanical and electric)

Contact: Ross Cobb
Cathedral Director of Music
Phone: +61 (0)2 9265 1674 or 0422 828 968
St Mary's Catholic Cathedral, College Street
Orgues Létourneau 2000 (4/46 mechanical and electric)

Director of Music: Thomas Wilson
For enquiries please contact: Hannah Burt (music secretary)
Phone: +61 (0)2 9220 0481
St James' Anglican Church,
King Street, Queen Square
Hill, Norman & Beard 1972 (3/66 electric)

Contact: Warren Trevelyan-Jones
Head of Music
St James Church Parish Office
Level 1, 169 - 171 Phillip Street
Sydney  NSW  2000
Phone: +61 (0)2 9232 3022
Christ Church St Laurence Anglican Church,
George Street, Railway Square
Hill & Son 1892 (3/26 mechanical and tubular-pneumatic)

Contact: Sam Allchurch
Director of Music

Sydney Grammar School, College Street
Mander 2004 (2/20 mechanical)

Contact: Robert Wagner
Organ tutor


St Stephen's Uniting Church,
197 Macquarie Street (formerly Presbyterian)
Present organ: Hill, Norman & Beard 1934 (3/60 electro-pneumatic)

Contact: Mark Quarmby
Director of Music


Pitt St Uniting Church,
264 Pitt Street (formerly Congregational)
Hill & Son 1910 (3/31 tubular pneumatic)

Contact: Kurt Ison (recital co-ordinator)

Newcastle (NSW)

The Hunter District Organ Music Society NO WEBSITE

Secretary: Ian Guy

More organs in Newcastle can be found here.

Christ Church Anglican Cathedral, Church Street.
1906 Norman & Beard, London & Norwich. Enl. 1923 T.C
Edwards (addition of solo organ and other stops). Reb. 1963 J.W. Walker
Sons, Ruisllp, Middlesex. Cleaned and re-erected following building of
central tower 1979 J.W. Walker & Sons (Australia)
Earthquake damage repairs and three additions by Peter Jewkes completed 1998.
3 manuals, 58 speaking stops, 12 couplers, electro-pneumatic action
Organist: Peter Guy
Conservatorium of Music, cnr Laman and Auckland Streets
Concert Hall
B. Knud Smenge 1988
2 manuals, 26 speaking stops, 3 couplers, mechanical action.
Organ tutor: Dr Philip Matthias
Melbourne (Victoria)

More organs in Melbourne and Victoria can be found here.

Melbourne Town Hall
Hill, Norman & Beard, London & Melbourne, 1927-1929
4 manuals, 110 speaking stops, electro-pneumatic action
Greatly enlarged and altered by Schantz 1999-2000

Contact: Miles Brown
Arts & Culture Branch
City of Melbourne
GPO Box 1603M
Melbourne  VIC  3001
Phone: +61 (0)3 9658 8781 or 0414 367 300
St Paul's Anglican Cathedral
T.C. Lewis, Brixton, London, 1891
4 manuals, 53 speaking stops, electro-pneumatic action
Restored 1989-1990 Harrison & Harrison, Durham, England

Contact: Philip Nicholls
Director of Music
St Patrick's Catholic Cathedral
George Fincham & Sons 1964 (later additions)
4 manuals, 77 speaking stops (+ later addtions), electro-pneumatic action

Contact: Dr Paul Taylor
Director of Music
Scot’s Church
1998-1999 Rieger Orgelbau, Schwarzach, Austria.
4 manuals, 68 speaking stops, 9 couplers, tracker & electric action.

Contact: Douglas Lawrence 
Organist/Director of Music
Scot’s Church
99 Russell Street  
Melbourne VIC 3000 
Phone: +61 (0)3 9650 9903  
Brisbane (Queensland)

More organs in Brisbane and Queensland can be found here.

St John’s Anglican Cathedral
Norman & Beard 1909; enlarged HNB 1972
4 manuals, 81 speaking stops, 24 couplers,

Contact: Graeme Morton
Director of Music

St Stephen's Catholic Cathedral
Knud Smenge 2000
3 manuals, 47 speaking stops, 11 couplers, electric action

Contact:Christopher Trakilis - Cathedral Organist


Contact: Dominic Perissinotto - Assistant Cathedral Organist

Toowoomba (Queensland)
St Luke's Anglican Church, cnr Herries & Ruthven Streets
Norman & Beard 1907 (2/22 electric)

Director of Music
St Luke's Parish Office
PO Box 2434
Toowoomba QLD 4350
Phone: +61 (0)7 4639 1910
Adelaide (South Australia)

More organs in Adelaide and South Australia can be found here.

Adelaide Town Hall
1989 J.W. Walker & Sons, UK;
4 manuals, 61 speaking stops, 10 couplers,
tracker & electro-magnetic stop action.

Adelaide Town Hall
King William Street
GPO Box 2252
Adelaide SA 5001
Phone: (08) 8203 7203

St Peter's Anglican Cathedral, North Adelaide
Hill, Norman & Beard, London & Melbourne, 1929
4 manuals, 50 speaking stops, electro-penumatic action

St Peter's Cathedral
27 King William Rd
North Adelaide
SA 5006
+61 (0)8 8267 4551

Cathedral website

Pilgrim Uniting Church
1855 James Eagles, London. Reb. & enl. 1886 Fincham & Hobday.
Reb. & enl. 1902 J.E. Dodd. Reb. & enl. 1927 W.L. Roberts.
Reb. & inst present loc 1970-73 J.E. Dodd Gunstar Organ Works;
since enlarged, revoiced and new console by George Stephens.
4 manuals, 86 speaking stops, 35 couplers, electro-pneumatic action

Contact: Peter Kelsall
Christ Church Anglican Church, Jeffcott Street, North Adelaide
Present organ: B 1873 A. Gern, London; enl 1877;
enl 1885 Fincham & Hobday; enl 1899 J.E. Dodd;
reb 1951 J.E. Dodd & Sons Gunstar Organ Works.
3 manuals, 36 speaking stops, 14 couplers, electro-pneumatic
Overhauled and rev 1982-1991; new console 1998 George Stephens.
Reb & enl 2003 Australian Pipe Organs and George Stephens.
3 manuals, 43 speaking stops, 14 couplers, electro-pneumatic

Contact: Appointment pending
Perth (Western Australia)

More organs in Perth and Western Australia can be found here.

St George's Anglican Cathedral, St Georges Terrace, Perth
(1) west end organ: B. 1991-93 Knud Smenge. 3m.,, 6c., tr. key action, el.stop action.
(2) choir organ, in chancel gallery, B. 1993-94 Knud Smenge. 2m.,, 4c., tr. key action, el.stop action.
Additional console controlling west and chancel organs on electric action.
(3) chamber organ, B. 1988 Knud Smenge. 1m.,, no pedals, tr.

Contact: Joseph Nolan
Cathedral Organist and Director of Music
Email Cathedral Office:
The Basilica of St Patrick (Catholic), Fremantle.
1996-1997 South Island Organ Company, Timaru, New Zealand.
4 manuals, 105 speaking stops, 30 couplers, electro-magnetic

Contact: Alessandro Pittorino
Basilica Organist
Hobart (Tasmania)

The Hobart Organ Society NO WEBSITE

Facebook page

President: Rod Thomson

Some organs in Hobart and Tasmania can be found here.

Canberra (Australian Capital Territory)

More organs in Canberra can be found here.

Wesley Music Centre
2001-2002 George Stephens (Adelaide) rebuild incorporating ranks from
Alfred Hunter (London) 1893, George Fincham (Melbourne) 1955 and
Gustav Bier (Germany) 1978-1983. 
3 manuals and 61 speaking stops, 11 couplers,
capture action 40 levels of memory, electro-pneumatic.  

Director of Music
Wesley Music Centre,
20 National Circuit,
Forrest, ACT
(PO Box 3217 Manuka, ACT 2603)              
Phone: 02 6232 7248              
Neighbouring countries
New Zealand
For all recital enquiries in all cities of New Zealand, please contact: Michael Cox

New Zealand Association of Organists

For all recital enquiries in Singapore, please contact: Dr Evelyn Lim

Singapore Chapter of the AGO

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