Marrickville Town Hall,
cnr Marrickville and Petersham Roads, Marrickville

WurliTzer 2/11, 1924 Theatre Organ

Photo: Trevor Bunning (Dec 2008)

Instrument History

Originally installed in the Prince Edward Theatre in November 1924, this organ (Opus 875) was used to accompany silent films until films had their own sound. This organ as originally installed in the Prince Edward Theatre was a two manual ten rank Special Style H WurliTzer with Harmonic Tuba, Tibia Clausa, Orchestral Oboe, Kinura, Clarinet, Open Diapason, Salicional, Voix Celeste, Flute, and Vox Humana. Originally intended for three chambers, only two were provided for. American organist Eddie Horton was engaged for the opening.

Notably, it was this combination of this particular WurliTzer and organist Noreen Hennessey that is most often talked about whenever the Golden Days of Theatre Organ in Sydney is mentioned. It was then played regularly for film presentations until it became silent in 1964.

When the Prince Edward Theatre was in the process of closing, the Executive of TOSA kept in constant contact and negotiated its purchase. The organ remained in the theatre while a suitable home could be found.

Marrickville Town Hall was deemed suitable. Organ refurbishment and installation took three years to complete with all work carried out by TOSA members. The re-opening concert was held on Wednesday, 27 November 1968 with Miss Noreen Hennessy and Mr. Ian Davies as guest organists. Admission price was $1.50 with proceeds in aid of the Childrens Medical Research Foundation.

The March 1969 issue of "The Diaphone" provides a pictorial view of the opening of this marvellous instrument.



Open Diapason
Concert Flute
Voix Celeste
English Horn


Harmonic Tuba
Tibia Clausa
Orchestral Oboe
Vox Humana
Marimba Harp
Cathedral Chimes
Sleigh Bells
Non-tonal Percussions,
Traps, and Effects

16' - 4'
16' - 2'
8' - 2'
8' - 4'

16' - 4'
16' - 2'

Photos and information compiled from the TOSA website