St Paul's Presbyterian Church
cnr Moore and Castlereagh Streets, Liverpool

Arthur Jones 1969 (2/4 extended plus Mixture, electro-pneumatic)

From SOJ April/May 1981

The organ in this church was built in 1881 by J.W. Walker of London, being located originally in the Sydney Manse of Dr John Dunmore Lang, Minister of Scot's Church . At a later date it was moved in June 1927, having been donated by Miss Dunmore Lang from her Casula home.

Additions were made by T.C. Edwards and the instrument gave good service until the late 1960s when the church was demolished to make way for commercial development.

In 1969 a contract was signed with Arthur Jones to completely rebuild the organ for the new Presbyterian building, located some blocks to the north of the original site . As a result of this work, the instrument has two manuals , electro-pneumatic action, four ranks and a 75-pipe repeating Mixture extended as follows:

Principal 8', 4', 2'
Stopped Diapason/Bourdon 16', 8', 4', 2-2/3'
Rohrflöte 8', 4', 2-2/3', 2', 1-1/3'
Dulciana 8', 4'
Mixture III

The 1881 case survives, but flanked by the bass octaves of the Principal and Bourdon ranks.