St. Barnabas' Anglican Church
Cumberland Road, Ingleburn

Gray & Davison 1875 (1/6 mechanical)

From SOJ April/May 1981, Winter 1996:

St Barnabas' Church was built in the 1920s and stands in a very pleasant bushland setting. The church was served by a reed organ until 1972 when a second hand 1875 Gray & Davison organ was imported from England by Anthony Welby. The instrument was built for Epsom Hospital, Surrey, and moved to Winchester City Hospital, Hants, in 1950. Unfortunately the soundboard and pipes for the Swell division were disposed of when the instrument was removed from this latter location. The organ was dedicated on Sunday, February 18, 1973, with Mr. Welby giving the opening recital.

Further restoration work was carried out by Peter D G Jewkes in 1987.

The stop list of this charming little organ is:

Open Diapason
Lieblich Gedacht
Super Octave

Grand Bourdon

Great Manual to Pedal

viii feet
viii feet
viii feet
ix feet
ii feet

xvi feet

Mechanical action
Two composition pedals
Compass: 56/25

Photos: Alan Caradus (March 2013)