Epping Uniting Church (formerly Methodist)

Oxford Street, Epping

B. 1952-53 & enl. 1962, 1969 J.P. Eagles
Reb. 1979 G. Kendall
2m., 16 sp.st., 7c., el.mag.
Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.8.5-1/3.4.16.
Removed and broken up 1996


Graham Jones writes (24 May, 2012):

A 2 manual and pedal electric-action unit organ was built and installed in the Oxford Street Church by J P Eagles of Cheltenham in 1952-53, replacing a reed organ, and was enlarged by Eagles in 1962 and 1969. A bottom octave of Dulciana pipes was also made and installed by John Bathgate, the then Choirmaster.

The instrument was unsatisfactorily rebuilt in 1976 by G. Kendall when its specification became:

2m, 16sp st, 7c, el mag. Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.8.5-1/

The Kendall Swell III was a single octave 3 rank mixture of 36 pipes - repeated in every octave.

The inclusion of such an astonishing device became the catalyst for the formation of the Uniting Church Synod Church Music Committee.

Around 1992 the organ was replaced by an electronic instrument. The metal screen facade may have been retained in the church. The pipe organ was broken up and removed in 1996, parts being taken by Allan Cargill, Lithgow, and others.

In 2010 the Oxford St Uniting Church (ex Methodist) closed and the congregation joined with Chester Street Uniting Church (ex Congregational).

I am most grateful to Dr. Kelvin Hastie and Graeme Brown for this material.


1 From the "synoptic" specification in the Gazetteer of NSW Pipe Organs (1981).