Former Mathison Congregational Church

(now St Christophorus German Catholic Church)

Edwin Street, Croydon

Built 1903 Charles Richardson.
Restored 1972 Michael O'Dea.
2 manuals, 12 speaking stops, 4 couplers, mechanical action
Gt: Sw: 8.8 divided.4.8. Ped: 16.
Organ has been removed (details unknown).


Brian Beech (who played the organ many decades ago) supplied the following undated photograph and wrote (23 May 2018):

The organ was a two manual tracker, with a full pedalboard. The stops had to be pulled manually - there were no pistons! They would have been all of 4 or more  inches long. The names of the stops were painted in Gothic script. The swell box was operated by a wooden lever which locked into place, so it was either open or closed. The photo below shows tiers of pews stacked on the chancel – they must have been erected for a Sunday school anniversary. The choir stalls were directly behind the organist, whose vision to the choir conductor was enabled by a full width mirror mounted above the console.  There were a lot of electricity blackouts at that time and the bellows had to be pumped by a long wooden lever pushed through the back of the casing. Those pumping pleaded with me not to use full organ!   The organ was maintained by the Noad family.  The church was built in 1879.